Doppelganger Cliffhanger

There is nothing more terrifying than waiting for the answer to the “do you know who you remind me of/look like?” statement/question.

Joni MItchell. Photo via A Splash Of Vanilla.

Joni MItchell. Photo via A Splash Of Vanilla.

You brace yourself for an answer that doesn’t push you to Botox, Spanx and a wig, or at least I do.

To wit: The other night at my brother’s 50th birthday party, Tom (a friend since Junior High) told another friend, Michele, that she looked like Joni Mitchell. Another party-goer added, “no, you look like Kim Gordon!”. For those non indie-music fans, Kim Gordon is a super cool artist, guitarist and vocalist who co-founded Sonic Youth with Thurston Moore, with whom she was married to for almost 30 years. She also has a book coming out in a few weeks, “Girl in a Band”, which I cannot wait to read. Of note: Mr. Moore left Ms. Gordon for a much younger girl.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.29.59 AMI gave Michele a high-five because man, to be told you look like not one but two really beautiful, interesting, artistic, soulful woman is a huge complement. Other party-goers piled on, oohing and aahing how yes, yes, YES, Michele looked like both! And then they all debated if Michele was more Joni than Kim, which ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Can this night get any better for her? They had nailed her doppelgangers, two women who happen to be cool as fuck, and Michele continues to bask in that knowledge and will forever. By the way, Michele is cool and hot in her own right. But still.



And then this so-called-friend Tom shouted across the packed kitchen to me, “Paula, you know who you look like?” as I steeled myself against the kitchen counter, petrified for what was about to come.  “Ruth Buzzi!” Then he laughed and added, “Or maybe you’re more of a Phyllis Diller.

I’ve had a long history of the horrible “you look likes” including “Susan Powter” (Stop the Insanity!), “Maude” (as in Bea Aurther) and “my cousin Fernando.”


Jslow get’s the good ones just like Michele (Annie Lennox!). And me, well I’m going into this weekend with massive Doppelganger envy.

The next time you think of playing the “you know who you look like” game, be nice. There’s a good chance you’ll make someones day, or ruin it. Now please excuse me while I jump into a muumuu and turn on some Sonic Youth.


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    hahahaha . . . THIS MADE ME CACKLE!!! Totally hilarious!!!!

    In my younger days, I was told I looked like Natalie Wood and Meg Tilly, both of which thrilled me.

    The last time someone told me I looked like someone, it was . . . Kris Jenner. Not what I would deem an “upgrade.”

    1. Paula

      Hey! Glad I could make you “cackle” at my expense! I’d take Kris Jenner in a heartbeat, Bruce, not so much.

      Meg Tilly + Natalie Wood? Wow, nice work! My favorite from back in the day was Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. xoxo


    Great article … and love your subject who is definitely … “Michele is cool and hot in her own right. But still.” … fabulous photo 🙂 … looking forward to following you more 🙂

    1. Paula

      Thanks Shari! Michele is even “cooler and hotter” on the inside. Really glad you liked the piece and thanks so much for writing. And please let us know if there is any topic you’d like to see us tackle. Have a great weekend. xoxo


    One of my (now retired) colleagues told another of my (not retired) colleagues that he looked list Dennis Hastert. Colleague Number Two, who is about as much to the left as Dennis Hastert was to the right, was visibly offended.

    In grad school, I got Rebecca DeMornay. Which was a real compliment.

    1. Paula

      Hi Petra: Rebecca DeMornay is pretty awesome! Love the “Dennnis Hastert” reference; related but not, my ex-husbands mom looked like Donald Rumsfeld, which I told her! The best part: she is/was very liberal and a political junkie, so this killed her!


    This is very funny. first time I heard this I was told I looked like a korean helen hunt. Just try to Picture that! I wasnt exactly flattered or insulted just stumped because I didn’t see it. more recently I’ve been told -that i resemble the wife of les moonves julie chen. dont see that…
    Anyway you are so right – it’s pretty scary waiting for the name at the end of that exclamation.
    Also this month’s vogue, the one with dakota on cover has an excerpt from kim’s book, I think comparison to patti smith’s excellent just kids will be inevitable, but the part in vogue was very good.
    Lastly that thurston’s infidelity was a real disappointment.

    1. Paula

      Hi Yunah: Glad you like the post. Love the “Korean Helen Hunt” comparison. This whole game is so tricky – can make or break anyone’s day, but can also be a riot if one has a sense of humor. My aunt Maria looks like Paul McCartney. I mean, she truly does. Her son and my cousin, Mike, has a 4-year old daughter. Recently they were watching Paul McCartney perform on TV and she shouted out, “he looks like Omi!” (German for grandma.) He died laughing.
      And yes, so bummed about Thurston’s infidelity. Also bummed that I LOVE his current solo album. I don’t want to, but I do. Read Patti Smith’s book and love her too. So many amazing rocker women of “a certain age” — so much wisdom and soul. xoxo

    Teresa Wyatt

    YEARS ago, a guy told me I looked like Playmate and Hew Haw star, Barbie Benson. Um, no, not really. Not even close!!! I mean, HEW HAW, ya’ll.? And Playboy bunny? I give him props for trying.

    1. Paula

      Reading “Hew Haw” in a sentence made my day! Hahahaha, at least Barbie Benson was beautiful! But wow, really great cultural reference! Thanks for writing, Teresa! Have a great weekend.
      PS: Who do you think you look like now?

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