Labor Day Love

The other day on the challenge courts I asked Beyonce’s husband if they had any travel plans over the long Labor Day weekend.

“Everyday is Saturday for us” he replied, as he jumped up from the bench and sprinted to court 4. “And there is no Labor involved.”

I replayed this remark to Beyonce a few matches later. She smiled and said, “we’ve earned this free time and are blessed to have our health and the money to enjoy it, together.”

tennis illustrationBy now you have probably guessed that Beyonce is not Beyonce’. But that is what I call her because she shows up to play every Sunday in full make-up and red-carpet-ready hair, color-coordinated leggings and dry-fit top that showcase her fit shape while wicking and kicking every drop of sweat the hell off, keeping Beyonce cool as a cucumber while the rest of us perspire like pigs.

Beyonce is twice as old as Beyonce’. Few know this. If they did know, they would die. She could pass for 35.

At 35, Beyonce was hard at work as a High School principal, instead of playing tennis and riding horses and traveling the world. She gave her all for those students.

Today, she gives her all in life, and is enjoying every ounce of it.

At our age, many of us, if we work, have many more years of that ahead of us. If we’re lucky, we love what we do, or at least like it, so it’s not so much of a slog. But no matter what, as we labor, remember we are laboring for a life where every day is Labor Day. And as Beyonce says, “there is no labor involved.”

Happy Labor Day from Blank Stare. Blink.


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