Nothing to Lose

check out bagI’ve been playing a new game called, What Do All My Desires Cost Me? When I’m fed up with homework, I open up my laptop, visit some of my favorite online stores, and fill up my shopping bags with anything and everything I want and crave. 2 items? 200 items? It’s all the same. At checkout I look at the grand total and “walk out” of the “store”. I’m virtually shopping, virtually harming no one.

Of the 17 pages of clothing in my size on this visit to Moda Operandi, a mecca for pre-ordering runway collections or to shop their in-season boutique, I quickly realized, dresses are my comfort zone. Ballgowns are too frivolous. I’d like more pants in my wardrobe, but always scared of the fit even when I’m not trying them on or even buying them. Separates. Freak. Me. Out. And bathing suits? Forget it.

Below is what I recently didn’t get at Moda Operandi? The rules I played by were no pre-orders, just what could ship immediately and what was truly in my size and what I really did want. What I don’t want is the $25,311.95 on my credit card. No harm done. Until next time, Moda.
Moda Operandi dresses

moda shoes

moda seperates

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