Red Carpet Under My Feet


I live my life in the not invited/can’t afford category. This sounds negative but it’s not. I’ve always loved dressing up. It’s my comfort clothing. Like jeans and a sweatshirt are to some, I love dresses, heels and dangling earrings. I can use any excuse to dress up. Even a funeral. And luckily, at my age, there’ll be more and more of them in my future. See… positive.

Which leads me to February. I love February. Instagram and entertainment programming are inundated with images of those who are invited and can afford. It’s an award show and fashion month frenzy and I get to suck on all the eye candy I can stomach. I showed you some looks of how I want to be a lady from NYFW. The following are red carpets pictures of the recent Oscars, SAG Awards and Golden Globes. The below ladies are of a certain age, 40+ and looking hot. Listen, we may not be invited, but we can learn a thing or two from these gals that are incessantly scrutinized by the masses while standing there taking it like a champ. Here’s the takeaway — show off your best part, moisturize, wear color, dammit, and smile. There’s a red carpet somewhere in your life, even if it is at the grocery store. You owe it to yourself to put on some lipstick and put your hand on your hip even if you are in the cereal aisle.

award shows montage

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    Yes! Was thinking the exact same thing yesterday as I got ready to got to Starbucks. I’ve been sidelined with a back problem so the 1/2 block walk to Starbucks is MY red carpet lately. & I dress for it!


    I hate that all dressed up with no place to go. But I have coffee in my building with the ladies in the morning, two men and I dress to the teeth. I also started going to the get aquainted stuff in my area through Linkedin. I even hosted one lately. I am making places for me to go. Next stop trade shows.

    1. Paula

      That is so awesome that you create your own red carpet wherever you go. And I LOVE people watching at trade shows! They fascinate me. I wore leather pants to an Outdoor Industry Trade Show among all of the Tevas and fleece! xoxo

    1. Paula

      Thank you so much for the Atcontent tip, Judi. Going to look into it! And thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it. Have a great day! xoxo

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