Spring Break My Budget

Maison Martin Margiela, Los Angeles

Being a 45 year-old freshman has its benefits. Being mistaken for the professor isn’t one of them. Nor is a Spring-less Break since my kids’ school schedule doesn’t line up with mine. While my school mates went off to do body shots in Cancun, my shot body stayed home while my kids went away on an their own Spring Break with their Dad. Surviving on cereal and ripped leggings, I spent my days doing uninterrupted homework. I don’t think I came within 20 feet of a vegetable or a bra. Can you call that a vacation?

Right before this break-less Break, as I wrapped up my long week of classes, I found myself in the vicinity of the actual Maison Martin Margiela store here in Los Angeles . With nothing pressing at home (a miracle!) save for a box a Honeynut Cheerios, I pulled into their parking lot and sprinted into the store. The last time I had been in a retail shop was in London during the holidays. How life has changed for this old/new student.

I was met with infectious enthusiasm by a pair of rose-gold heels and a shop gal named, Ivana. I liked the shoes enough, but it wasn’t until I paired them with this insane convertible vest/dress piece, while sipping Margiela water, that I decided my Spring Break would manifest itself in an actual purchase, from an actual store, where I was actually talking to an actual employee, touching objects in front of me. How crazy! How fun!

Virtual shopping definitely has its benefits, mostly when you’re virtually shop-lifting. But the old-school way of buying a wardrobe is met with so much more satisfaction when connections are made and you get to walk out of a store with a smile and a story.

Martin Margiela may not be on most Spring Breakers radar, but then again, I’m not your average Spring Breaker.  Pass the Cheerios.

Martin Margiela

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