I Love Every Bit of Myself

For the first time ever, I love myself.

My hair is shiny with great loft and just the right amount of pink.

My skin is tanned and wrinkle-free.

I have no body fat.

My outfits are on-point.

I ooze confidence.

I always know what to say and how to say it.

And I am photogenic as fuck.

I am fierce.

I am perfect.

I am my Bitmoji.

bitmoji word paula mangin



My brother had been texting me his Bitmoji for months and cracking me up in the process.

brad mangin bitmoji

But I was too lazy and luddite to get on board.

During my trip to the snow a few weeks back, my friend Lori guided me and a friend through the Bitmoji-building process, and now I just can’t stop.

bitmoji I woke up like this paula mangin

I shouldn’t be too surprised by this turn of events, as I love using emojis and pride myself on crafting the perfect combination of cat faces, food, fists and sports equipment to communicate just about anything.

But here’s the thing: emojis are cute and fun and all, but they are not us. The bitmoji, my bitmoji, is me: I get to pick my face and body shape, skin color, hairstyle, outfit, everything. And she’s goddamn adorable.

Turns out, we like to do the same things.

bitmoji yoga paula mangin

And have the same dreams.

bitmoji swimsuit issue paula mangin

We both love pizza.

bitmoji paula mangin pizza

And sipping tropical cocktails in the sun.

bitmoji paula mangin cocktail

I can be having the worst day ever. But when someone sends me their bitmoji greeting, I race to send mine back and she always makes me smile.

bitmoji paula mangin rang

My bitmoji has become my muse, my inspiration, my hero.

If you haven’t experienced the pure joy that is Bitmoji, download the app here.

Until then, my bitmoji and me wish you all to –

bitmoji paula mangin nice day


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