Is This Presidential Election a Laughing Matter?


I’m stressed, nervous, angry, worried, scared and freaked the fuck out about the presidential debate Monday night.

This election has taken over my life and is wreaking havoc with my ability to function.

I know I can avoid MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Twitter, all of it. BUT. I . JUST. CAN’T. LOOK. AWAY.

I check my Huff Post app with the obsessive fervor of a Tinder dater. When Trump’s poll numbers shoot up, so does my blood pressure. When Hillary’s go down, so does my productivity. I have aged more in the past three months than I have in the past three years. And I am not alone.

I know this because everyone I know feels the same way, more or less. And because we all tend to stick to our communities of friends with similar values and/or political bents, my Facebook feed is clogged with election everything, pro-Hillary and anti-Trump, and I read almost all of it. The vitriol is escalating, with more posts proclaiming ,” If you vote for Trump, Fuck you” etc. I would venture to guess the number of “unfriending” happening is breaking records.

Yesterday, while watching the Charlotte demonstrations against yet another police shooting of a black man, and Trump’s call for racial profiling and more offensive affronts to our civil liberties and equal rights, I really needed something, anything, to make me not want to throw my phone and TV out of the window.

And there it was, in my Facebook feed, this awesome episode of “Between Two Ferns”: Zach Galifianakis interviewing a very deadpan Hillary that almost made me wet my pants.

It completely changed my mood, made me forget about the actual election, while reminding that Hillary can do it. She fucking can. She must.

I’m still going to be a mess Monday night, and a bigger mess come Election Day. And while this election is no laughing matter, I can laugh and try to take as much enjoyment as I can, while trying to be positive about the outcome. That’s the thing: this should be exciting, galvanizing, historical in all of the right ways – our first woman president (gender aside, she deserves regardless of gender. If she were a man, this election would not even be close. There, I said it.). This is all a good thing!

While searching for a cool Hillary T-shirt with a sense of humor, I happened across these from the site  Below are some of my favorites (the above T is also from LookHuman). Go Hillary up here; they sell for under $20.


And everybody, fingers crossed for Monday. Hillary, Kill it please.


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