They Truly Are Absolutely Fabulous





These ladies. I mean broads.

Just look at them. Patsy and Edina. The bawdy British version of Thelma and Louise.

They pretty much are the queens of “no fucks given”: parading around in sequins and fur during the day, strangled by five too many accessories, sweating under too much makeup, drinking heavily and smoking like stacks, behaving badly, behaving badly at their jobs and at motherhood (Edina), chasing every fad with a giant net to stay young and hip.

They truly are Absolutely Fabulous.

Are you as big of fan as I was/am?

Because Ab Fab was set in the world of PR and fashion, (huge passions of mine), the fodder was endless: They managed to mangle the most beautiful clothes by squeezing into sample sizes, piling one trend on top of the other, “trying too hard” to pull it all off. This honest and unapologetic portrayal about the lengths these ladies of a certain age would go to beat back the clock was endearing. And funny as hell.

I love the idea of them now in 2016, taking high tech to a new low: Instagramming garish selfies from Fashion Week, drunk tweeting about the Brexit and terrorizing Tinder.

I love the fact that these two live out loud and do everything big and brash, while so much of the world shuffles around hunched over a screen updating their Facebook status or hunting for Pokeman.

And I love that the Absolutely Fabulous movie came out today! On the heels of the horrifying Republican Convention, attacks in Nice, Turkey and Orlando, police shootings, and everything else bad in the world, I need these ladies more than ever. We all do.



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