Medicine for a Shitty Year: Baroness Von Sketch

I’ve been in a shitty mood. I think we all have.

The world is falling apart.

I am falling apart.

Don’t even get my started on Trump.

The stress of this year has caused me to spend my “creative” spare time playing tennis. I’ve needed the physical and communal outlet to run around and smash balls. It’s become as vital to my sanity as Lexipro and therapy.

In search of mindless entertainment and a good laugh, I found a brilliant comedy sketch show lurking on IFC:  Baroness Von Sketch Show. It’s written by and stars women over 40. *Correction: my husband discovered the show, we watched it together, so technically he found it. Whatever.

Turns out turning 40 (or 50!) is funny, and these women have a lot to say about it, which they do with honesty, humor, and zero fucks.

“Welcome to your 40’s” is a great example:

Sadly, I am not as comfortable as the ladies in this video. I sort of pull a Superman: I sneak into the locker-room shower fully clothed, undress in the stall, and bolt back out smothered in multiple towels as I race to get dressed.

“Mom Jeans” is also a favorite:

I hope this show has the same positive effect on you as it has on me. Laughs have been in such short supply, and the Baroness Von Sketch show has supplied me with loads.

For anyone out there who cares, I’m committing to posting more. I have so much material in my head.  And little discoveries, like this show, to share.

Hope you’re surviving 2017.


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