Shop Nordstrom and Stop Trump

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My two obsessions, fashion and politics, have collided spectacularly this week and I’m downright giddy.

The #grabyourwallet boycott of brands and products that endorse and/or enrich the Trump family continues to apply pressure and is making a real difference; just look what happened with #deleteuber and Kalanick’s withdrawal from Trump’s Economic Advisory Council.

Most recently, the kerfuffle regarding Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s line put the Seattle-based retailer (by the way, the state of Washington is fucking BRINGING IT in terms of resisting Trump and corrupt principles that include the Travel Ban lawsuit, dropping Wells Fargo, and now this) squarely in Trumps’ crosshairs as he unloaded with a Twitter rant. Kellyann Conway followed up with a blatant and illegal plug of Ivanka Trump’s line on Fox & Friends.

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While Nordstrom stock took an initial hit, it has since rebounded and has risen ever since. This is all backfiring spectacularly on the Orange One and his Spawn.

Every woman I know is flocking to Nordstrom in solidarity.

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Comedy has been all over this, with the likes of Chelsea Handler and Mad Magazine weighing in with collective props for Nordstrom and “fuck yous” to Trump.

Full disclosure: Although Nordstrom has always had a great reputation due to their breadth of quality brands and excellent customer service, they’re too big and mainstream for me. Or at least they were. Last year during a San Francisco heatwave, I sought refuge in the Westfield San Francisco Centre.  After a giant Jamba Juice forced me use the bathroom and the raggedy Mall’s bathroom line was long, I escalatored up to Nordstrom and their dignified and luxurious powder room. It was on that journey that I discovered their in-store boutique “Space”, the brainchild of Olivia Kim, whom Nordstrom hired in 2013 from Opening Ceremony to bring emerging and advanced designers to their stores. Featuring some of my favorite designers like Simone Rocha, Vetements, Jacquemus and J.W. Anderson, these mini-spaces can be found in Nordstrom locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Vancouver, San Francisco, and online here.

It’s fantastic. And turned me (and Jslow!) into a Nordstrom shopper. If alternative style is your thing (warning: this stuff is not cheap – I hit their sales), shop here this weekend with your Pussyhat in place!

A much more moderately priced and no less fabulous option is the Nordstrom Pop-in Shop, which features unique and fun novelties that changes each month; the current Pop-In features “K-Beauty” – Korean beauty products. These mini-shops can be found online here and in Nordstrom Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Vancouver and Toronto locations.

One of the treasures found in the Nordstrom Pop-In Shop.

One of the treasures found in the Nordstrom Pop-In Shop.

Ladies, it’s been a brutal few months since Trump because President (not my President!). But things are looking up, and I’m heartened by the resistance and the sense of good and community that is flourishing in the dark shadows cast by his evil administration. Every little victory helps. So in one of the most fun ways possible, go forth and shop Nordstrom this weekend!



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