Am I Sponge-Worthy?

sponge sheets 2

A few nights ago, my x-cat Sponge died and joined his brother Gary up in cat heaven. I posted about Gary and his brother Sponge here, two years ago when Gary died. I’m glad I did, because I don’t want to forget anything about those glorious “gentlemen”, and how I felt then and now, painful as it is.

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Photo bombing Check Please! Bay Area

That's me with the glass of red wine and the "jazz hand" at the Gold Mirror in San Francisco.

That’s me with the glass of red wine and the “jazz hand”.


For people in my age-range, local television has always been a guilty pleasure, something to watch and potentially “star” in too. If we didn’t star, a friend did, or a friend of a friends’ sister did, or the sister of a friends’ neighbors’ therapist did. We all loosely know someone who did the Cabbage Patch on TV Dance Party or clinked a wine glass with Leslie Sbrocco on Check Please! Bay Area.

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Lowering the Bar on Corporate Casual

What did you wear to the meeting?

I received this question while scrunched sideways in the backseat of a Mini Cooper, on my way home from visiting a friend in the ER (don’t ever try to stand on a wheeled-chair to change a smoke alarm!). Trish, the driver, had asked how work was going, and I’d shared the story of a new business meeting I’d had the day before.

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