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Saving The Best For Last

Thank god, Jslow is back in action following her trip to South Africa and a big styling job (she’ll be back posting on Friday.) I really missed her, and we were finally able to talk about this and that. That being fashion.

Because of her life, she was barely able to follow the Fall 2012 Ready-To-Wear Shows. I, being a fashion nerd with a much less glamorous schedule, followed them, saving my favorites for times when I could really savor them. Almost like saving that chocolate chip cookie, the one with the crisp edges, soft center and perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie, for last.

The thing is, it’s a lot of work following the shows. There are just so many. And they become a blur.

I read in the Wall Street Journal here that in New York alone, over 300 designers showed their collections. In Milan, London and Paris, the numbers are far less as they have governing bodies who control who can show and when. That is such a metaphor for the quality vs. quantity factor that seems to personify American vs. European anything, but I’ll save that rant for another post.


I saved Rick Owens for a lazy evening. Ditto Ann Demeulemeester and Comme Des Garcons. The sad thing is, I already sort of forget the collections. Not that I didn’t love them. There were just so many others.

So this morning, faced with writer’s block, I went to Style.com to check the last of the Paris Fashion Week collections. Alexander McQueen and Chanel were so breathtaking that it would be criminal to try to describe them. They rendered me with the writer’s equivalence of speechless.

Take a look for yourself.

Here is Chanel. I could wear it all, if I won the lottery:

Here is Alexander McQueen. I couldn’t wear any of it, and I don’t care:

At last. Fashion I will remember.

Prints Charming

Milan wrapped up Fashion Week a few days ago.  I’ve never been to Milan, but tried to go a few years back during a failed train ride from Rome, which resulted in a stolen wallet (not mine) and a wicked hangover (both of ours.)

Me + Luanne, on aborted train ride to Milan.

I went to Rome twice over the course of 3 months, which were my first trips ever to Italy. A dear friend and prior owner of the stolen wallet, Luanne Calvert, had packed up and moved there from San Francisco inspired by reading “Eat, Pray, Love”.  She knew no Italian (people or the language), yet through sheer balls and guts, got a job at Fendi and began to own that ancient lovely city in a very modern way.

I decided to visit Luann(a) in Rome to escape the awfulness that was my life:  I felt unhappy, unhealthy, unloved, unlovely, unlovable, un-young, un-anything-good. I needed something, anything to pull me out of my funk.

That trip, that place and those people not only slapped me out of my funk, but also pulled my head out of my ass and pushed me towards a life I did not know existed, one that’s full of happiness and health and love and everything good.

Roaming around Rome I was overcome by beauty and sex, as women and men of every age just ooze it in the way they move and dress, slinking past the Piazza Navona en route to the best espresso on earth.  It wasn’t vulgar, it was beautiful. People were fit and wore clothes that fit.  They were put together and cared. They didn’t save that great dress with the plunging neckline to wear to a fancy party, they wore it to the market. They wore lipstick and a Pucci scarf to walk the dog. In four-inch heels, they glided across the cobblestone like ice-skaters.  I was in awe.

My default had always been baggy and slouchy, part tomboy, part homegirl.  I was never quite comfortable with being a woman, and hid behind a big baggy curtain of denim.  I think a big part of me was afraid and too lazy to put in the effort to look as good as I could.  I mean, what if all of that effort resulted in …. nothing?

Thankfully, those trips to Italy liberated my body and paved the way for tighter jeans, better bras and an eyelash curler.  I finally became comfortable in my own skin and let that skin come out.  Which resulted in me feeling better about myself than I ever had.

Which brings me back to Milan.

I have never been comfortable in prints.

The Milan shows were an orgy of prints (and leather and fur).  Prints were huge in New York and London too, but really bloomed here were it’s just hotter.

I want to wear prints.  I want to feel comfortable in prints.  My goal this year is to try them on for size and see where they take me, at least fashion-wise.  If they make me half as happy as wearing my skin on my sleeve, what do I have to lose?

Check back here for the results.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites from Milan:  Roberto Cavalli, Etro, Missoni, Prada.

Roberto Cavalli.





Under the Red Carpet

In the midst of the Fall 2012 Fashion Shows, the biggest show of all happens Sunday:  The Oscars.

Luckily, my career has allowed me to walk a few red carpets. I’ve gawked and stalked and hovered around celebrities like a gnat, hoping for god-knows-what, only to be swatted away by the hoards of handlers who shoo us into our seats in the nose-bleed section, out of sight and out of the way.  It’s crazy that on such occasions where I splurged on the Lanvin dress and had my hair and makeup done, (hitting fashion and beauty personal bests) I’ve never felt more invisible.

This year, while you’re watching the red carpet arrivals on E!, take the time to check out the Plus-Ones, the invisible girls.  They are probably sporting some great looks that could serve as inspiration in real life.  I mean, really, are you going to go out and buy a strapless yellow organza gown with a tulle train as seen on Angelina?

Here are some of the looks from the plus-ones I spotted at the Golden Globes.  Look for these looks and more from the Plus-Ones:

1:  Cap sleeves.  The cap sleeve dress/top is the new tank.  The were everywhere.  More demure than going sleeveless, offering coverage to the 99% not blessed with toned arms, they held their own against the strapless and plunging necks of most stars.  Behold a gaggle of girls in their black cap-sleeved dresses, complete with black pumps. Simple and chic.

2:  The scarf + broach combo.  An easy way to jazz up the most mundane jacket, dress or top:

3:  Sequins.  If you aren’t a star, you may as well shine like one:

So when watch you the Oscars, do yourself a favor and watch for the plus-ones, the civilians, the 99% and you just might be inspired.