Silver Foxy


Though true that not all gray hair is created equal, let’s not give up entirely on the subject.

I happen to love gray hair. And more specifically, that silver-white-silken yumminess that some women get in their lifetime. I think it’s a gift from the gods if lucky enough to have it sprout from your follicles.

I went semi-grey a semi-lifetime ago, but only recently allowed for it to show. In fact it was this last summer when I had the “mo” part of my “hawk” be a la naturale. And I love it. Less maintenance, less upkeep, less money, etc.

I pray every night that I will be one of the chosen and will someday have that all-white confection atop my head. Please, God.

As we all travel the road to maturity, I’d rather be a conundrum in my age then—bangin’ from the back and freakish from the front. In other words, I’d rather hear a dude say, “She’s hot for an old chick” than “Dude, I thought she was a hot chick, not an old lady.”

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    I’m not ready to go full grey maybe in 15 years, but I love to see the shock of white on some lucky women. You will always be a hot chick!

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