Stubbed toe woes

While horsing around with my husband, I stubbed my pinky-toe on this retro chair that I inherited from Chiat/Day when I was Earthquaked out of my studio apartment in 1989:

Note the chrome legs: Innocent, yet deadly.

This tiny and seemingly benign injury produced an enormous amount of pain. And you feel like an ass for blaming your sudden horrible limp on a stupid stubbed toe.

I could barely walk.

99.999% of my shoes were out of the question.

In fact, there were two pairs that I could wear, both in the sandal category:

My Rick Owens flat open-toe boot/shoes, purchased on sale from Mona Moore:

And these strappy Bernhard Willhelm’s, purchased in Tokyo a few years back:

Don’t get me wrong; I love both of these footwear options.

But I don’t love wearing them every god-dammed day.  Especially in the Fall.

And then it hit me:  What if I was doomed to a life of wearing only 2 pairs of shoes? Like every other woman I know, I love shoes. They make me happy.  They don’t make me feel fat or look tired. So the idea of having only 2 pair to chose from, for the rest of my life, well, it scared the crap out of me.

JSlow talked me off the ledge.  “I’ve stubbed my pinky-toe tons of times,” she said, “Be patient.  Takes 4 – 6 weeks to heal.”

She was right.

I am now heeled.

Junya Watanabe caged platform booties.

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    You are now HEELED. Ha ha. B you know I ADORE those red sandals. When they hit the hand-me-down pile..they’re MINE – love you and your shoes
    Adoringly B.

    1. Paula

      I forgot I wore those on our Chicago trip! Love you for commenting and supporting our blog. And yes, you are first in line for those. xoxo


    Lucky that you are only doomed for 4 weeks. I’ll bet that after you wear Uggs & flats for this vacation from heels you will become a convert! Mine are so damaged from ski boots that I finally took the plunge & loving every minute of painless walks to the bus every day-ahhh comfort.
    Keep me posted!

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