A Little Peep at Easter

First, I must address the shocking bit of news that Jslow dropped on me and the world a few days back.

Blake Shelton?

Blake fucking Shelton?

I texted her immediately.

To 99.9% of women of a certain age, Blake is IT. I get that he is tall and handsome and a hugely successful country music star, and that his current stint on The Voice and growing bromance with Adam Levine has showcased his wit and charm.

But still.

Blake Shelton? He’s so mainstream.

Mainstream. That was the real issue. Jslow and I bonded in large part because we both never felt normal. We both dressed a little crazy and had odd taste in everything, men included. We were weird. Neither one of us ever felt quite at home in our respective safe South Bay suburbs where we grew up, and we both fled to San Francisco as soon as each was able.

So I found this very disturbing.  And I just know that more Blake Sheltons lurk in Jslow’s closet.

Speaking of closets, let’s move on to clothes.

Sunday is Easter, and I love Easter candy.  Thank god the line at my local Walgreens snakes down the candy aisle so I can bask in eggs and bunnies. My favorite, hands-down, are Marshmallow Peeps. I love everything about them, but high on the list is the fact that they look like they’re dusted in bright yellow (or pink, or purple…) glitter and have a shelf-life of 2 years.







So with Peeps as my inspiration, here are some glittery Easter shoes that hopefully will have a fashion shelf-life that beats the Peeps.  Happy Easter.

Miu Miu blue glitter sandals, Saks.

Miu Miu gold glitter sneakers, Barneys.

Jerome Rousseau Miss Piggy Pumps, Elizabeth Charles.

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony.

Pink sparkle Converse, Journey’s.

Tom’s glitter slip-ons.

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