Black My-Day

Good morning fellow championship shoppers, and welcome to Black Friday. While Jslow is settling into Paris (I know, bitch!) I’m settled into my bed, snuggled up to my Mac Air in my favorite worn United Bamboo knit leggings with the stretched-out elastic waist (all the better to be gentle on my swollen post-Thanksgiving belly) and a Jockey wife-beater. There is really no need to brave the Black Friday crowds since the world of sales are at my fingertips. And yours.

Subsisting sans-kids and having long ago stopped exchanging gifts with friends, I shop for me, myself and I, making this a true Pauladay.

Take a look at my inbox this morning:

I know, right? As you can see, I have many many stores to hit, all offering deals from 20% to 70% off.

So if you can, stay in, don your cutest, comfiest clothes, and curl up with your computer, your credit-card number, and a cup of coffee.

A little inspiration always helps.

1: JCrew lace sweatshirt, 2: Gareth Pugh cashmere leggings, 3: Bless knit slippers, 4: Teema big coffee mug, 5: Elle MacPherson stretch-satin robe, 6: Missoni Federico throw, 7: Damask tray,

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