Boots Too High On Our List

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2012 Boots, photo from

We all have that friend who can wear spectacular things that we, for whatever reason, can not.

I can’t wear high shoes. Horrible combination of extreme clumsiness and arch issues make heels my arch enemy. Tallest height for me is 2.5/2.75 max.  This is heartbreaking and rules out many of the most interesting and dramatic footwear around.

And so it begins, the slow march of the Too-Tall-Fall-Boots into the stores and across the fashion e-tailers, my annual version of fashion torture. I try to look away but just can’t. I send photos of my favorites to JSlow begging her to buy this pair and that, because she is that friend who can wear heels. She gasped when I sent her the pair of spectacular Givenchy boots seen above. But their five-inch heel puts them out of her reach too. They are available at Luisaviaroma and Net-A-Porter in a variety of color and textures. They are not cheap, but will provide some lucky lady years of high fashion.

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