Clams and Meat at New York Fashion Week

Me + Jslow in Elizabeth Charles NYC sporting Lady Grey necklaces, photographed by Lady Grey herself. Check out her stuff, it’s fantastic and well priced. We’re trying to look cool, but we are so clammy and hot.

I flew home from New York last night, after spending the past week learning, living and loving all things fashion. It’s been exhausting and exhilarating and…sweaty. I can honestly say I’ve never perspired more over a seven-day stretch in my life, made even worse by the occasional hot flash. This is a huge problem when running around in fashion-week outfits, trying to look glamorous. I was, dare I say, CLAMorous.

The humidity gave me the excuse to use my favorite word, which happens to be “clam.” It’s one of those words with the best set of multiple meanings ever, which I explained in great detail to Jslow’s kids in the back-seat of the car on the way to dinner:

Clammy = sweaty, moist

Clams = money

Clams = bivalve mollusc, typically found in chowder

Clam up = shut up (this one got me a time-out from JSlow and a retraction in front of the kids)

Other than the shell-fish and shut-up strains, the money and moist kinds of clams were the most common.

Yesterday, my last full day here, Jslow and I headed down to the Meatpacking district to loiter around Milk Studios and the Highline Stages on West 14th Street, and hit some of our favorite retail haunts in the area.  In Jeffrey, we spotted Taylor, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant, bangs still stabbing her eyes, looking pissed-off. In Elizabeth Charles, we met Jill Martinelli, co-designer of the Lady Grey jewelry line, and each bought one of her beautiful pieces (We’re both wearing the chain/collar in the opening photo.) We both feel it’s important to support independent designers, and getting to meet Jill, who took our above photo, makes our scores that much more special. Definitely worth the clams.

Lady Grey Necklace, Elizabeth Charles. Perfect combination of refined edge.

While Lincoln Center had been packed with photographers, press and all manner of fashion insiders and outsiders (like us) trying to horn in, the scene in the Meatpacking district, which is where the more independent and edgy brands show during NYFW, was much more subdued. Other than brands using Fashion Week to push their products (The Cut, New York Magazine’s fashion blog, camped out with a big black van poised to shuttle people to Lincoln Center,  or Nine West getting people (me) to hop in the back-seat of a Fiat to talk about their shoes), tourists outnumbered fashionistas by at least a 10-1 margin. It being the weekend, a light day for shows, and the spread-out nature of the venues all contributed to the more mellow fashion vibe.

Comme Des Garcons store front, Chelsea.

Seeking shade and help from the heat, we left the Meatpacking district for Chelsea to check out the Comme Des Garcons and Balenciaga outposts on the refreshingly sheltered, tree-lined block on West 22nd @ 10th. Both stores are sleek and spare like museums, where the clothes hang like works of art (which they are) and the shoes and accessories stand like sculptures (also true.)  Photos are forbidden in both stores, but I was able to sneak this quick shot of the Flat Collection which will no doubt be exhibited at the MET someday.

Comme Des Garcons Flat Collection hanging in CDG Chelsea store.


Back home in San Francisco, I am wistful for the time I had in New York and am already strategizing on what to wear and where to stay in February for the Fall. We both love fall fashions and can’t wait to get to wear it and watch it. One thing I know for sure: I need to bring more clams, but at least I’ll be clam-free. Being hot is so not hot.

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