Creating a Diversion

I had a client dinner last night where I was meeting someone for the first time. Not only was she accomplished and smart, her LinkedIn photo indicated she was also stunning and fashionable. Needless to say I was intimidated.

Since I work from home, I’d spent the day in my uniform of beat-up blue Navy (as in military) sweatpants, wife-beater, fluffy socks and a tattered thermal pullover.  My hair is in that no-man’s land of not quite short, not quite long, and weekly Wella home touch-ups have rendered it even more frizzy and straw-like then usual.  I was hideous.

And honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to shower, look presentable and talk to anybody but cats. And her LinkedIn photo haunted me.

On days like this, my closet is a black hole.  There is nothing in there yet it is packed with clothes. I chose everything in there yet I hate everything. What was perfectly fine last week was now unacceptable. I suppose this phenomenon is what keeps the fashion business alive, and who I am to get in the way of progress?

I gave up and threw on a pair of R13 Jeans (in heavy rotation and my current favorite denim brand,) and a black long-sleeve T. I felt so boring. And then it hits me:  I just need ONE great accessory, something big and a bit crazy and spectacular to divert attention from my bland garb and the fact that no amount of hair and makeup will render me remotely like that LinkedIn photo.

I opt for this wonderful Wendy Nichol fur cuff that JSlow gave me for my birthday this year. And just like that, I elevated my mood and my outfit:

Not any accessory will do when it comes to creating a diversion.

Here are more examples and inspiration from my jewelry drawer. I tend to gravitate towards rings and bracelets as diversion tactics as they are farthest from the face and body, especially when you make hand gestures and eat.

Can’t go wrong with a vintage Chanel cuff.  Scored this from ebay years ago:

This giant metal ring is a favorite. I like the fact that it takes a dainty item, the flower, and gives it edge. Note the dime. Really gives this thing scale.  (I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it):

To continue the “flower with an edge” theme, here is a large lucite cuff embedded with rhinestone flowers and crowns. Purchased this at Liberty of London last year.  Opened an account just for the discount, because, you know, I so often jet over to the UK:

True story:  While at lunch at the very proper and posh Four Seasons, sporting above bangle, I flung my arms wide explaining something or other and the cuff flew across the room and landed with a thud by the hostess.  Best part:  No one looked up from their Salad Nicoise.

A few I would love to add to my arsenal:

This Bliss Lau Shaded Shawl from Bliss Lau:

Lovely Lanvin macrame and crystal hoops from Barneys:

To end on the “flower with and edge” thing, behold this Ann Demeulemeester leather flower brooch from Farfetch:

How did my dinner go? LinkedIn was even more intelligent and beautiful and fashionable in person. But I had the fur cuff. And because it was a gift from JSlow, it diverted my feelings of insecurity into feelings of friendship and love.

Which is the best kind of diversion.

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