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Yesterday I received the most recent Crewcuts catalog. Flipping through the pages before tossing it into the recycling bin, I was stopped in my tracks by the Saltwater Sandal page. In horror it reminded me that both temperatures and humidity are about to start rising here in New York. To make matters worse, water will be turned on in all the New York City parks…and that’s when another horror set in. The horror of a huge fashion don’t.

Last June while walking in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, I stumbled upon a little girl in her stroller being pushed by her mom. They were wearing matching Saltwater Sandals. Hmmmmmm.

Some might find this sweet and adorable. On their own I understand the appeal and love of this classic sandal, and I just might agree you can pull them off if, you know, you’re an indie it girl like say, Alexa Chung. But once you start pushing out kids, you cannot push them around town in matching shoes. You just can’t. Childhood classics should be retired or, at best, passed down to your beloved. You’re a mom now, and a role model, and you need to upgrade not only your status, but your style.

Here are a few jelly sandals that will make you look like a mom with style and not your little kid’s BFF. Now go run through the sprinklers.


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    Eww, I disagree! Jelly sandals are disgusting and so cheesy. Come on. Are you going to tell us to start wearing patent leather next? Gross.

    1. Paula

      Hi Natalie: Sorry for delay, we’ve both been having computer issues. Jelly sandals can be cheesy, but depending on the design, they are great way to wear a look unaffordable in leather.


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