Fashion Wreck

Before I launch into today’s post, I should say that no one was hurt in this tale of woe. We’re all just really stinky on our block. And sad.

New York Fashion Week kicks off this Thursday, showcasing American designers and their Spring 2013 collections. And though I’m excited to see what’s been cooking in their creative minds, I’ve been living through a Fashion Wreck.

Exactly one week ago today, the townhouse next to ours burnt down—immediately making my family of four (plus dog) temporarily homeless and wearing what was on our backs when disaster and tragedy hit.

Every textile in our home: bedding, drapery, throw pillows, rugs, etc. and all clothing including shoes and handbags were collected by experts, Madame Paulette, and are currently going through the process necessary to remove the smell and soot that now clings to it all. Other cleaners have moved in and a team of 10 works all day long scrubbing down every surface, of every inch, of every object we own including: ceilings, walls, floors, Legos, Critters, books, memories, and personal affects that are only special to us.

The photo above is what I call Ghost Shoes. Removed from the shelf, boxes were above, you can see where my shoes were lovingly living in my closet. Only their footprints reminding me of their former glory waiting to be worn.

So if you see a girl wearing the same chartreuse J. Crew dress, with matching Oscar de la Renta shoes, day after day after day for the next two weeks. That’s me. It’s what I had on a week ago, and am still wearing today. Just please excuse the black grime under my nails and on my shoes.

I might only have one outfit to my name right now. I don’t care. The only things that have ever really mattered, are pictured in the photo below. (My husband on the phone with the Insurance Company, and my dog peeing on a fire hydrant—are out of frame.) And Thank God none of them had to be taken away to be fixed.

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    Omg! I’m so sorry you are all going through this but am so glad no one was hurt. Seriously, you are more than welcome to pick through all our closets, kids included, for some change of clothes and then stay for dinner! Let me know. xoxo


    Good grief! So sorry to read your very sad tale…so happy that no one was injured and your townhouse is intact. Hope all is returned to normal ASAP. Linda


    SO happy to hear that no-one was hurt. Good luck with the clean up and in the meantime there is no better color to be “stranded” in than chartreuse – just pile on the red lippy xx

    Mary Ann

    I was wondering when you would post on this. So glad everyone is ok of course and I pray for Madame Paulette success!!! Please let us know if we can help in your hotel state…and see you at school!!

    Mary Ann


    Oh No! I’m so sorry to hear about this! I’m so happy that you are all ok, including Murray. I’ve been in a fire before and it’s a good reminder of what’s important in life. But you already knew that! xxoo


    OMG, Jen!!!! So glad you’re all okay — that’s terrible. I will be in NYC on Sept 29th to celebrate my birthday — can you pls join? Love you!! xoxoxox

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