A couple of months ago Blank Stare, Blink, via Facebook, received a message from Candice Pool of Finn Jewelry and Minor Obsessions, their sister line. I have always been majorly obsessed with Finn, and have used their pieces in a few BSB montages. I can also be found drooling on the Barney’s display cases that house the Finn treasures in a total state of want.

It was Candice’s liking of Blank Stare, Blink (thumbs up!) and compliment of “nice taste” that had me screaming in my office. FINNally, I mean finally, BSB was noticed by a fashion insider.

A quick history. Finn Jewelry was started by two friends, Candice Pool and Soraya Silchensted in 2005. FINN is all about fine jewelry: quality, craftsmanship, and sophistication. However it’s their edge that keeps Finn Jewelry on the “must have” and “celebratory fave” lists, because Finn is anything but boring. There is some serious attitude in those rose cut diamonds.

On the flipside, Minor Obsession, their sister line, is all about symbols and affordability. My favorites are the stars and scarabs. Wearing Minor Obsession is like wearing underwear. Something you should do every day.

Besides making totally radical jewelry, Candice and Soraya are two girls you love to hate because they’re young and awesome, and were once voted two of Paper Magazine’s most beautiful people. But really, it’s impossible to hate them, because with all that’s going their way, they still took some time out of their day to answer a few questions for us. And that can’t make them all that bad.


Which Finn piece would you recommend a gal buy herself when she turns 50?

-Hmm, that’s so hard. My mother (well over 50+) loves skulls and black diamonds. Her best friend likes precious pieces like our little diamond arrow ring. So I guess the good thing is that we have something for everyone. I do think that our love knot rings in any color or size would be perfect. They will never go out of style, they work with t-shirts or gowns, and can be passed down to daughters and nieces–or stolen by them if you’re not careful.

For all us tired moms with under eye bags the size of a small clutch, what pieces from your collection will help put that sparkle back in our eyes?

Draw the attention downwards! A lot of our pendants are figurative; animals, stars & moons, angel wings–and that means a good conversations starter. People will want to know why you’re wearing a solid gold pig, touch it, etc…

Any suggestions for the husband shopping for a push present?

We do a lot of push presents. The popular pieces now are our letters. Ours are different because they are a bit larger in scale, and each initial has it’s own font. Plus we customize with the color of gold and different stones. I have one woman who adds on a letter for each child. She’s up to 3! One set with black diamonds, one sapphires, and one with rubies.

Pretend you’re approaching middle age (sorry to traumatize you) and your broken metabolism has caused you to gain weight. What bauble would detract from the “I’m getting heavier” situation?

One thing that looks good on any body shape is a good sized bangle. Not a bracelet, a bangle. The solid form holds it’s position on the wrist, so it always stays in place and looks striking. We are working on a love knot bangle and an arrow bangle arrow now, should be ready by holiday.

And lastly, I hate thumb rings. Do you agree?



Thanks for talking to Blank Stare, Blink. Seriously, can you guys stop being so fabulous? It really hurts.

Regarding being fabulous: I’m in flip flops and a t-shirt whose glory days are long gone, fashion isn’t my strong suit. But at least my jewelry is fabulous! It always fits me, and it always sparkles, and for that I always feel confident.

Confidence and sparkle below and available at


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