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Marc Jacobs “Sara” skirt

“Hey look, a rain-skirt.”

That was what the email message Paula sent me last night said, along with the above attachment.

This little number from Marc Jacobs is $695. That’s some expensive polyurethane, but remember, it’s designer.

Not only is this skirt great for a rainy day, but it’s fantastic for a new-ish mom. I would have killed to have this in my wardrobe when my kids were learning to feed themselves. With food flying, and time not on my side, it would have been such a dream to just wipe myself down and be on my way. Easy, breezy, beautiful new mommy!

Instead, I walked around in that what-did-I-just-do-to-my-life haze, food dried and crusty, stuck permanently to my I’ll-just-wear-these-again pants.

I’m safely past the food flinging days with my kids, but I’m thinking it still might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase the skirt. My drooling/incontinent future is ahead of me—probably sooner than I’d like to admit.

I just hope I can remember that it’s hanging in my closet, which is a whole other story…

(You can find the Sara skirt at net-a-porter and sense.com)

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  1. kellypagnac@yahoo.com'

    A whole other story, indeed; but I hope you’ll still be inspiring my closet when that story gets going! (I feel much braver with my wardrobe now that I’m a BSB reader–thanks ladies 🙂 )

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