Happy Birthday, Jslow

Stained glass window in Jslow’s Brooklyn brownstone.

In case you were wondering why JSlow didn’t post on Friday, it was her birthday and she was busy doing birthday things, which apparently includes bumping into Greg Brady (true story.)

Jslow hates her birthday. For someone who sports multi-colored spiked hair and clomps around Brooklyn in thigh-high boots, she is extremely reserved when it comes to any occasion where she is the center of attention, birthdays being the biggest offender.

This is one of the many contradictions that make JSlow so special and why I love her so.

Her birthday, June 15, will always be special to me for another reason. In 2009 I experienced one of the world’s shittiest years. It kicked-off by kicking me in the ass, or appendix, as I landed in the hospital for ten days with severe abdominal pain that culminated in a burst appendix and emergency surgery. To make matters worse, I had to go off Prozac during this whole ordeal; this shoved my fragile body into a tailspin, resulting in vertigo and anxiety.

The inside of my stomach, St. Francis Hospital.

And then the economic collapse forced my advertising media consultancy partner and I to shut down our office, walk away from our lease and work from home in order to stay afloat. “Work” was a stretch as there was none. I even loosened my spam filter to get email.

I was a mess.

Jslow wanted me to come visit her in New York to celebrate her 40th birthday, since her husband would be away. I was in such a bad state, I was afraid to leave my house, let alone fly, and reluctant for JSlow to see me this way. She pressed hard, telling me it would make me feel better to get out and go to New York, a place she knew makes me happy. And of course spend time with her, which also makes me happy. So off I went.

Beverage and bread at Buttermilk Channel.

I felt better the minute I arrived at JFK. From the first meal at Buttermilk Channel, to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart taping, and loads of shopping at Oak, Opening Ceremony and Barney’s in between, I had a glorious time.  I smiled for the first time in months. I’ll never forget that trip, and how selfless it was of Jslow to invite this basket case to share her birthday, especially her 40th, which I knew was not easy for her. I really hope she had a great birthday on Friday, and that proper attention was paid, but not too much, because she hates that.  xoxoxo

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  1. makeupbystacymc@gmail.com'

    Paula, the relationship you have with Jen is so sweet! I too, feel very fortunate to have Jen as my friend. Whenever I go to NY, she always makes it a happy experience for me. I hope that she had an amazing birthday too! She deserves it!

  2. lcasentini@comcast.net'
    Linda Casentini

    Love this post … The friendship you both share is a beautiful thing. Happy belated birthday, Jen…You and your mom are both June babies! xox

  3. Paula

    Thanks Linda. I’m really glad you like it. I had a much more straight-up fashion post ready to go, but then got very mushy about Jslow and it just flowed out. xoxo

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