Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Yesterday morning I happened to see this DVF dress (at left). I thought of my sister and sent her an email:

do you like this dress? i like it and it would look good on you.

She replied:

yep it’s great – and a bummer because I had to buy a cocktail dress just last week!!! i can’t take it back because they custom fit it for my bulging butt and stomach…shooooootttttt! i like this one better.

Cocktail/Fundraiser/Holiday Party season is upon us seemingly moments after Halloween concludes. Meaning it will soon be time to start shopping for a dress to wear more than once. That special dress that makes you feel good, especially when marching through November, December and January, gaining party pound after party pound.

This brings us to the Burka, not exactly the “it” design of the moment. However, you gotta admit, the good ol’ Burka could take care of a great many fashion must-haves for women over 40, effortlessly hiding the areas most of us hate—our knees, arms and stomach.

Until such time the Burka struts its way down the sidewalks en masse, here are some lovely dresses that offer a little jiggle room and help to fill the void.As for the aforementioned DVF dress, on closer inspection, the back is sheer. A good design, and dress, ruined.

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