Movie Pants

I love going to the movies with my kids for two reasons: 1) they stop bickering for 120 minutes, and 2) I always get in a good nap. But movies have been getting expensive lately, especially with 3D.

I’ve been wanting to thank Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for having the foresight to help all moms, and our pocketbooks. For their debut Spring 2012 collection at Kenzo, the two downtown whiz-kidz showed the perfect movie-going pant. Each leg can hide one child. Now I only have to pay for my ticket. And if I paint my face white and add a red nose, I can be the enternainment at my daughter’s 7th birthday.

The Kenzo collection in it’s entirety will be arriving at Opening Ceremony any day now.

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    Leona Guidace

    Oh, that’s brilliant. And when the kids crawl out from them, they become like a Snuggie for your legs. Make sure to skip the Bozo-wig at the movies though, on account of the little viewers behind you.

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