My Trip to The Palace

I just jetted home from the Palace, and tossed my fur on the bed.

I know, sounds very fancy, right?


The jet was a Southwest commuter plane, and The Palace was The Salt Palace, a giant convention center in Salt Lake City, where the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show is held twice a year.

You will not find Chanel or Lanvin or Balenciaga here.  But you will find Patagonia, the North Face and Marmot.

Needless to say, I am a fish out of water.

I’ve grown to love this show, because the people in the outdoor industry are some of the most passionate and creative and smart and fun people ever.

The accommodations are another story.

Let me tell you about my hotel, The Chrystal Inn.

There was no room service or minibar or mint on the pillow.

But the lobby featured a gas-station-like array of dry snacks, soda and candy, including my beloved Circus Peanuts:

Pizza could be had by a push of a button:

And karate supplies were available right next door:

There was also free, fast wi-fi (which many luxury hotels charge for, or simply don’t have, which drives me crazy.)

Armed with Circus Peanuts and Peanut M&Ms, I logged onto the Chrystal Inn’s wi-fi and found a bag I’ve been coveting for over a year but couldn’t afford.  It was on sale at 70% off which brought it into field-goal range. I scored!

Agatha NYC bag from Downtown Boutique, San Francisco.

Oh right, the fur.  I did don my Birthday Fur, which stood out in a sea of fleece and Gore-Tex.  It also made it’s menswear debut on the back of James Curleigh, CEO of Keen Footwear.  I doubt leopard faux fur will inspire their Spring line, but it inspired many people to smile. Which is so the point.

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