Nancy: Warrior Princess

Writing about comfy shoes makes me want to run a marathon in my most uncomfortable stilettos. And if we continue down this path of Z-Coils and all such nonsense, even I’m going to unsubscribe to Blank Stare, Blink. But I did want to mention that we had success with Nancy of Who Let the Dogs Out.

She sent me two emails. 1.) A confirmation email of her order placed for Worishofer grandma shoes. and 2.) This picture of her relaxing in a pair of gladiator upgrades.

I sure am happy she kicked her hiking shoes to the curb—or at least left them on the hiking trail where they belong.

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    Thanks for the upgrade. I have to say the Worishofer (not pictured) are SO comfortable. And yes they do look like granny Dr. Scholls, which I realize is redundant.

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