No Wire Hangers

Hangers. I know, really boring. But they do help to preserve the treasures that hang in our closets. And since all of mine had to be thrown away because of the fire, I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect ones. Any day now Madame Paulette will be delivering van after van of our cleaned and restored wearables and I better have something beautiful to hang them on besides those damned wire clothing wreckers.

1. Cedar hangers with broad, contoured curves are perfect for preserving the form of tailored jackets. Use for suits and coats. And the cedar helps repel moths which is a bonus. ( 2. This great little skirt hanger is excellent because the clamps are padded to minimize dents and wrinkles to fabric. ( 3. Ahhh, lovely padded hangers. Perfect for fancy frocks and delicate blouses and dresses. The padding helps keep shoulders smooth, and the fabric means no snagging. I also love that they scream “I fly First Class” ( 4 & 5. Huggable Hangers! I love these. My favorite are black flocked. Who doesn’t love a good flocking? Use for the basic items in your wardrobe. The slim silouhette means more room in your closet for, well…more! ( 6. Ugly but ideal for pants. This hanger offers a a more substantial foam coated frame insuring no slipping and unsightly creases. (

And for the love of your sweaters, please don’t hang them. For a longer life span and to maintain the integrity of their shape, take the time to fold your beautiful knits, please!

You can wake up now. I’m done being boring.

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