Shame On Me

artwork by Alexsandro Palombo

For a few years now I’ve been walking around with a secret. A big, shameful, fashion-y secret. I do not love the classic flap (or 2.55) Chanel handbag and I don’t know why. Gasp! 

If you happen to see a girl below the age of thirty-something sporting one, it usually means she works in the industry of fashion, doing either make-up or designing or styling. It can also mean she’s just rich and partaking in fashion. In New York you see a lot of these girls. Wearing one of these bags gives you entrée into the world of style, or at least affords you some type of legitimacy. I am not one of those girls. At $4,400, I cannot afford the entrée.

There is no doubt that if I were to receive one as a gift from whomever (hint hint), I would covet, cherish and sleep with it next to me. But do I like it so much that I want to scrimp and save and abstain from other fashion finds? No.

However, a bag that I do love, and takes it cue from the classic Chanel, is the Lanvin ‘Happy’ Bag.

Look at it. Isn’t it fantastic?!

I love it. I really do. I love that it is not so pristine. I love that it has the floppy Lanvin grosgrain ribbon and that the ribbon isn’t starched and stiff like Chanel attitude. I love that it’s messier and more free spirited. I love that it’s happier and edgier and the squares aren’t all uniform. I love that it’s less than $4K. In fact, it’s just a meager $1,970. And I bet I would I be ‘Happy’ if I had one on my shoulder .

So there. I said it. The cat’s out of the bag. But sadly, the only bag I can really afford resembles this one.

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