Sleep Walking

outside my door

Not a week after New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy, a wicked Nor’easter storm raged up, down and sideways all over the East Coast.

As if most of us New Yorkers weren’t feeling violated enough, Mother Nature gave us all a swift kick in the you-know-what when we were already down.

While a blanket of snow covered our frayed nerves and frigid high winds whipped like slaps in our faces, the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed. If I didn’t have kids and a dog to attend to, I wouldn’t have.

Before my alarm sounded to get them all up and out and on to school and a walk, I had visions of laying in bed, wrapped in my favorite Calypso blanket, sipping soul-soothing hot chocolate with two marshmallows, please.

But then my iphone went off. My dream might have ended, but visions of wrapping myself in a blanket haven’t gone away.

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    1. Paula

      Thank you! Nothing like a blanket coat, or anything soft and big and cozy to wear. Bring the warm outside! Please keep reading, we’re relaunching the blog in a few weeks and have been mostly dark for the past 3 months. xoxoxo

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