The Brides Wore Pink

It’s me again, your election-obsessed fashion junkie. I was so nervous about this past debate that I purposely avoided being home Tuesday night. I ended up spending that night drawing the “Bride of Frankenstein” at Dr. Sketchy’s, a now a global “anti-art school” where people who love to draw gather at various spaces and bars to sketch or paint live models, most of them from the burlesque world. It’s an absolute blast. The San Francisco branch is currently held once a month in “Chicken John’s Warehouse,” a funky space in Bernal Heights, which sells cheap beer and plays many of the post-punk, indie and old R&B gems holding court on my ipod. The crowd is wonderfully diverse and going there makes me feel lucky to live in a place where this type of stuff exists.

I couldn’t help myself. I checked the Twitter feed and was bombarded with positive Obama tweets. During a model break, I checked the Huffington Post App and sure enough, the debate was available through a live stream. On went my headphones, as I spent the next hour listening and sneaking peaks at my small screen while continuing to draw. It was sensory overload of the greatest kind, marrying my love of drawing to my love of politics.

And of course my love of fashion loomed large: what were the debate brides wearing? While the Bride of Frankenstein wore white, and very little at that, these brides wore pink: Michelle in Michael Kors, Ann in Oscar de la Renta. Much was made of the coincidence, until it was decided that perhaps they both wore pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, Ann herself a breast-cancer survivor. As someone who is at that age where annual mammograms are a must, if you are too, please squeeze those in (you know what I mean) and by all means, wear bright pink.

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  1. Paula

    Yeah, I noted the $1.7K price-tag of the Oscar. Was trying to keep my extremely liberalism under wraps. Thanks for the kind words. xoxo

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