The Thighmaster

I just bought these neoprene and leather thigh-high Dr. Martens boots, fresh from the brand-new Agyness Deyn Collection. I know more about young British models than I should because Dr. Martens is a client; young hot British model/singer/actress Agyness Deyn has been featured in Dr. Martens campaigns and has been a fan of Docs forever, forever being not that long when one is in their twenties.

I have many issues (frizzy hair that’s also grey, sagging skin, poor eye-sight and other middle-age maladies,) but the size of my thighs is not one of them. That said, I had to lie on the ground and yank the zipper with pliers in order to trap my legs in them. If you see me out and about and I look a bit pale, it’s only because my circulation has been cut off. But damn if they don’t make me feel light and happy even if they are heavy and tight.

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    Once again, you made me laugh! We will be in SF tomorrow with our French foreign exchange student. She and Hayley have become fast friends and we want her to meet Jen. Hope you are doing well, it sure sounds like it!

    1. Paula

      So glad you like these! Unfortunately, they sold-out within a few months of this post. I just checked and they’re not on ebay; I’ll ask Dr. Martens if they happen to know of any kicking around their warehouse. What size are you?

    1. Paula

      Hi Jan: Unfortunately, I sold these last year. Keep checking ebay: They are Dr. Martens Agyness Deyn boots. Good luck! xo

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