A Classic President’s Day

JFK + Jackie O sailing in Cape Cod circa 1953, from retrocampaigns.tumblr.com

Believe it or not, my favorite thing about President’s Day is not the sales, but rather, it’s the time off from work. I blew my February monthly fashion allowance during New York Fashion Week anyway, so shopping is a moot point.

Luckily, a day-off is free, and so this morning while I wandered around the web I found this absolutely AWESOME site and blog: Retrocampaigns.com.

It’s a small company based in Los Angeles that prints tees recalling memorable characters and moments from the American political past. They also have a blog on Tumblr that “rummages through America’s political history”

So if you can break away from the sales, check out their blog. Even if you’re not a political junkie like me, it’s well worth the time. Happy President’s Day from Blank Stare, Blink. xo

A sampling of the “Classic political Tees” available from Retrocampaigns.com

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