Winning Watt(s)age

I love movies. I love getting dressed up. And I love judging people in the privacy of my own home. This means I love the Oscars. Without further ado, here are my winners for the night’s best looks. And though this is a blog venerating women over 40 years old, it’s only by sheer coincidence that all my winners were all over the for-tay mark.

Naomi Watts in Armani Privé. Head to toe perfection and fashion forward. My personal favorite.

Naomi Watts in Armani Privé,

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace. Gotta love gals in short hair. We’re a small club and Ms. Berry shows that indeed short hair can be sexy. I just wish I had more in common with her than just sheared locks.

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace,

Jane Fonda also in Atelier Versace. Everyone, this includes Barbra Streisand, should take notes on how to present yourself at 75.

Jane Fonda,

And Blank Stare, Blink’s own, Paula, captured some great Red-Carpet moments via pen and hotel room in Hawaii. Aloha!

Paula Mangin Illustration_Oscars 2013,

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    Love this. And agree with the Watts-as-winner – stunning, edgy, classic, sexy. Perf.
    Also appreciate the short hair comment – last week a friend (hot, male) told me (casually) that I was much more attractive with long hair and that straight men rarely find short haired women sexy. Apparently, we can be stylish and even beautiful but not truly HOT. Hence absence of short coiffs on covers of SI Swimsuit etc. I suspect he’s probably right, not that I’m canceling my trim appointment today!

    1. Paula

      I loved the short hair; especially Charlize, so stunning and simple and chic. As someone who has had short hair most of her life, it’s not easy to be “all face.” And I have always appreciated men who “get” short hair. Always felt it was a good filter. You would look great shaved or anything, such a beauty you are. Thanks so much for the comment. Watts did kill it. xoxo


        You’re right – there’s something distinct about dudes who get hot for short haired girls. I need to think about what it is – something to do with an appreciation for nuance and mystery (the appeal of a nape versus just cleavage) – like the difference between cat people and dog people. Cat people like subtlety and complexity. OK – now I’m gonna get flamed!


    I loved Naomi, Halle and Jessica’s gowns the most. Jessica won my vote for best hair/makeup and dress combination. She looked so elegant and classic. As for the lovely ladies with the short locks: I envied how HOT they looked. Charlize effused confidence and sex appeal and Halle has always looked amazing in short hair. I thought of ways that I could swing it, but I don’t think I could like they do! And Jennifer of course. Rock star that she is! Loved this post!

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