Buy, Sell, Repeat

I apologize if you’re all sick of hearing about my closet journey. It continues as I get side-tracked with the usual goings-on of a mom. This project, had it taken place during my selfishly young adulthood, would have taken a few days tops. This project, today in my selfishly older adulthood, is now entering its second month with “closet days” wedged in between family, friends, appointments and making dinner.

I truly did have that many clothes that needed to be “processed”, but I also no longer have the luxury of setting aside day after day for just one project. None of us do anymore.

Through these two months I’ve learned that the binging of clothes took decades, the purging only 4 days, and now I’m in the ultra fun phase of selling my items at consignment stores, and the “since I’m there”— browsing for gems to update my wardrobe.

Consignment? Used? I know! Like the leather jacket of my youth I wrote about a week or so ago and wanting it again, the idea of buying used is starting to make a lot of sense in my life again, today. In high-school and college I only bought and wore vintage. I loved being the only one to have what I had in my closet and on my body. I felt badass.

As I’ve aged, my tastes have evolved, I’ve had more money, and I’ve liked that I can afford what I want. Finding designers that speak to me has felt rewarding even if it screamed full retail. Who wants to wear someone else’s castoffs? Not me.

Now I know I’m just being silly. What I like can easily retail for $2,000, and that’s a hell of a lot of money – a used car! A dishwasher/dryer and microwave! Something with motors that actually does something! So why pay full retail when there are others out there doing the work for you, spending loads of loot on what will eventually be over well before they get around to wearing it? As they move on to the “next it thing”, and sell the “yesterday’s over it thing” at a consignment store, I arrive and “maybe I’m not that over it” and well…score!—for well under what it retailed for. Like maybe a price of blender.

Fashion is hit and miss. Trial and error. Binging, purging and regurgitating. And although I’m a fan of anyone and everyone treating themselves to an item with an exuberant price tag once in a while—yes, you’re worth it— it’s also incredibly thrilling to find something extraordinary and unexpected or better yet, that piece that has spent years on your want list. Consignment stores can surprise you like that. And the price tag will, too. Talk about a bargain.

I should mention I’ve made close to $2,000 on reselling my “over it” items and using the money for some new thrills. I’m totally getting into the whole “buy, sell, repeat” rhythm of fashion. It’s genius and a total insiders way to have fun with fashion and finding your style. Not only that, but it’s the ultimate form of recycling, and being green is always in fashion.

I hate getting my picture taken. And even worse, taking my own picture…it’s gut-wrenchingly awful. Below is my own private uncomfortable misery captured digitally while trying to look “cute”.

Consignment Montage

(from left to right)

1. Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons denim/linen dress. Never worn and tags still attached. Usually the hangtags that stay on in my closet say H&M. A closet that has Comme Des Garçon hangtags is a whole other level. Obviously a cast-off from someone who can afford to buy and not wear. At this price I can afford to buy and wear all summer.

2. 2011 Prada skirt. I couldn’t resist the look of giving birth to a pineapple. And this little number substitutes for my Spring/Summer 2013 Dolce & Gabanna obsession.

3. Theskeyns Theory leather tank. Another “tags still attached and never worn” score. Thanks compulsive shopping, rich lady! Retail was $795. I paid $295. Still pricey, I agree, but I’m wearing it with everything and I will have for-ev-er and it’s a leather tank dammit! Worn with my new Rick Owens brushed silk mermaid skirt. $125. Seriously! Now that was full on robbery. Arrest me.

4. Byblos deconstructed jacket. Peplum loveliness! Craziness abound. Wasn’t looking for it, but there it was in consignment heaven! I’m in love.

5. Rick Owens cellophane dress. Totally wacky with cape and all. But it’s beyond incredible. Now if I could just get invited to some grand gala. I would never purchase this piece at full retail which is approx. $1500, but at $450 it’s absolutely worth it.

And a word to the wise, Rick Owens is all over the consignment stores in NYC. As is Lanvin and Chanel and really any other brand you can think of. Below is a list of online consignment etailers and my favorite NYC and Brooklyn brick and mortar stores. Happy Shopping.

On-line Consignment: ebay, vaunte, bib + tuck, the Real Real, Closet Rich, Portero, Poshmark

New York Consignment: Tokio 7, Goldenfisch, Eva Gentry Consignmnet, Second Chance, Roundabout

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    You look amaze, so stylish and pretty! We were just talking about “consignment shopping” today. Thanks so much for your fashion help today. I needed it! The advice above is priceless and it’s my kind of shopping.

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