David Bowie was right when he sang turn and face the strain. Since License to Lovely was posted, I’ve faced that strain, hired a trainer, gone to Bar Method twice a week, cut off all my bad, yellowed blond to reveal my new pretty in pink, and got my eyebrows did. And after I’m done writing this, I’ll drive to Barbara Bui to gift my new attitude that lovely dress/tunic/thing. Happy New You!

I now look out at Los Angeles below me and envision my coming years here with excitement, and no longer look east to New York and imagine what could have continued. But thank my lucky stars that there was a New York in my lifetime.

The great thing about change, is change. The newness forcing me out of my comfort zone and into a zone of exploration. Seeing and doing “new” feels like breaking the hermetic seal on a stagnant packaged good.

One of my favorite finds in my new life here in Los Angeles is Just One Eye. Not new to all, but new to me, and that’s good enough. Opened in 2012, it’s the brainstorm of Paula Russo, a powerhouse with exceptional taste and forward vision. In fact, Russo might be to fashion in L.A., what Walt Disney was to fantasy in Hollywood.

Just One Eye is housed in the gorgeous old Art Deco building at 7000 Romaine Street where Howard Hughes had his film headquarters. It’s a boutique, gallery and showroom occupying several rooms down a long historic hallway.

Not much is affordable if you have the standard type paycheck, but it’s inspiring to get close to the art of Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and Gary Lang, while looking at and trying on gorgeous shoes, handbags and clothes from such noted designers as Anthony Vacarello, Jitrois, Rodarte, just to name a few of the many hand selected and one-of-a-kind gems available at Just One Eye.

There are also collaborations between The Row and Damien Hirst, Converse and Nate Lowman, and Blackman Cruz; vintage jewels to be dazzled over, coveted out of print books and more from Taschen; and lifestyle must-haves like a horn caviar bowl or truffle set from G. Lorenzi.

If you want to know how the other half lives, Just One Eye is the place to go. And you’re in Hollywood now, baby—dream big. Your dreams might just come true if you keep Just One Eye on that prize.

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Brick and mortar at 7000 Romaine Street, Los Angeles. Online at

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    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting out of your doldrum. You’re too hot a lady to be kept down for long. I can’t wait to visit this shop and others when I get down to visit you in LA.
    Keep the great posts coming!

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