Crazy, Beautiful…Food?

I didn’t say, “I have a bowl full of jelly.” I said, “My belly is jelly.” Which makes looking at all the NYFW imagery easier—I get to skip over all the crop tops, belly busters, and bra tops that are not going away for Spring 2014, because neither, frankly, is my belly. According to the mass of designers currently showing in New York, baring your belly is here to stay, at least for another year. Great news for (tonguely-talented) Miley Cyrus, (pin-thin) Rooney Mara, or anyone else blessed with flat abs. But since this blog is for women well over 40, I will not insult us with the wash boarded and taunt tummies of flimsy fifteen-year-olds walking the walk.

So grab a donut, sit down, and lets look at some fashion!

As of today, there’s been well over 100+ shows. That’s a lot of fashion food for thought. With that much stimulus, it’s hard to digest exactly what we’re seeing. I’ve been gorging on so many looks, I’m trying not to throw up.

And a lot of it’s junk, which makes my gut hurt even more. It’s our culture, isn’t it? Quantity over quality, super-sized, consume consume consume. The business of fashion is more important than the fashion of fashion, and sadly, our best designers get lumped together with the rest of what’s being served up.

What I do know is that my favorite bites by far are from Prabal Gurung for “preserving the lady” and for Thom Browne for “giving us crazy” (I would be crazy happy, too, if I was wearing one of Thom Browne’s clearly more couture than RTW confections. Did you notice his use of pearls? Just saying.)

prabal montage

thom browne montage

There’s much more fashion to talk about, and much more on the menu in the months ahead. Pace yourself. NYFW is the amuse bouche to the 3-course meal we’re about to be served in London, Paris & Milan. We’re gonna get full. At least we won’t wearing any crop tops to show just how full we really are. Bon Appetit!

To view the entire collections of Prabal Gurung and Thom Browne, go to

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    I like the hair and make up on the Thom Browne ladies, maybe I should rock that look on my next date with the dude….HOT! Digging all these pieces!

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