Glove Love

It’s cold. I’m cold. We’re all cold in California and have been for the past few weeks. It’s so cold that my hot flashes are welcomed with open, sweater-ed arms. It’s so cold that I’m sleeping in thermals under my cat pajamas, electric blanket cranked to high (I mentioned my love of the old-school electric blanket to my brother the other night, who reminded me that as kids I warned him against one because he’d wet the bed, electrocute himself and die.)

I guess I’ve always been charming.

Being cold inside is the worst. When you’re outside, you can go inside to get warmer. When you’re already inside, and you’re freezing, it’s hopeless. My strategy is to become cat-like, staying still, balling into the smallest space possible, building a warm spot, not moving. The cold air forms a fence around my body that I just won’t climb over.

It’s been deceptively cold because it’s so sunny and bright out that it’s tempting to leave the house without a jacket. Huge mistake. The biggest mistake of all is forgoing the smallest piece of foul weather gear there is: the glove.

It’s like putting a cap on a bottle: It keeps the warm from spilling out, and keeps the cold from pouring in.

Gloves and mittens have become high fashion just like everything else these days, and I have been smitten with the mitten in expensive leathers and furs and studs and you-name-it. But my favorites, the ones I wear almost every day, that I keep in different bags and by the door so I don’t forget them, are my Rothco “G.I. – type fingerless gloves” that I buy from Amazon for $5.99. I have them in black, grey, and my favorites, army green (pictured here). They are warm, comfortable and allow me to use my ipod/iphone with ease. And since I am partial to military-inspired apparel, these work with my “look.”

JSlow and I love fashion and often spend way more than we should for the perfect pair of Preen pants or Balenciaga boots. But nothing is more fashionable than enhancing your look for cheap without cheapening your look.

Rumor has it the cold will warm-up tomorrow. Maybe I’ll bust out one of my nine-dollar Jockey wife-beaters. Gloves optional. xoxo

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    Hi-we are cold, but Jen is freezing. Poor girl,must buy a new coat in Paris. She is having a great time and settling in nicely. She is answering emails regularly now. Bug her and she will certainly write back. Just got a sample of Nars tinted moisturizer. Loved those tips for youthful skin. I’ll try anything, well maybe not anything…. Keep these great messages coming!

    1. Paula

      Thank god it’s warmer today! Yeah, the cold makes my skin very dry too — not helpful for aging skin that’s for sure. Just got a humidifier, helping a little. Just got long email from Jen, so proud of her. And jealous. xoxo

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