In the Buff

Bada-boom, bada-bling, bada-ugh! Nail art. Please make it stop. In 2012, nail art seemed to be the thing to do to accessorize a look. I propose going the other way in 2013.

Every winter I take off my last coat of summer polish clinging to my toes, sit in front of a nail technician and relax as she files, massages, exfoliates and buffs the sun and sand away, exposing my toes to fresh air. When done, my toes look happy in their nakedness.

Even though my ten friends will be hiding in their cashmere sleeping bags (socks) stuffed inside a boot for four-long months, I’m happy in the knowledge they’re not smothered in tosylamide-formaldehyde resin.

It’s rare that in these cold months my toes peep through anything. But on the occasion they do get to come out and play, they love showing off in the buff. Which makes more of a statement then the most extreme nail art ever could.

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    Thank you for condoning toenails in the buff. I hate getting pedicures. I know, I’m weird. I’m ticklish and some of those nail techs are rough. I’m happy to know from such a stylish lady, that it’s acceptable to go a la nude when wearing exposing footwear.

    1. Paula

      Thanks Sarah! Sadly, mine are always “in the buff” as I’ve always been too lazy for mani/pedis. And I do think there is something very elegant about being au naturale. We are thrilled you found our blog, and we hope that you come back. xoxo

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