Picture Me at Fashion Week

My cat Rocket helping me pack. Acid-green coat by Acne.

It’s here again. New York Fashion Week. I’m in seat 7F on the Virgin America red-eye for my second trip out to meet Jslow and blog for BSB, and I already feel like a veteran.

What a difference five months make.

Last time around, a fire gutted Jslow’s next-door neighbors’ home, which left her Brooklyn brownstone uninhabitable and her belongings covered in soot. Black really was the new black in the worst way imaginable.

We were completely beholden to favors to get us into a handful of shows. It was hot and I stupidly packed leather; my swollen feet chafed against my new Vivienne Westwood sack boots causing bleeding and blisters.

We had a ball.

This time, there have been no fires. We sent over fifty emails to PR folks at the fashion houses to request tickets on our own, and have been granted entrance to eight shows so far – doubling our show “haul” from last year. Not only that, but BSB has been ‘’accredited” as an official member of the fashion press: We can walk a little taller, not feeling like the imposters and outsiders we really are. Our fancy press credential proves otherwise! That said, the real show is outside anyway, on the streets, and the prize is getting photographed by street photographers. Let me tell you this: Nothing feels better than getting stopped and photographed. It’s intoxicating.

So with that “prize” in mind, I agonized over carefully curating four days worth of outfits while watching Hardball with Chris Mathews. I finally landed on four fashionable-yet-not-too-trendy, comfortable-yet-not-sloppy, edgy-yet-not-too-over-the-top, warm-yet-not-too-hot, and most important, STREET PHOTOGRAPHER-WORTHY ensembles. All squashed, suffocating and secure in the overhead bin.

Gareth Pugh lamb-fur bag. Posing in a zipper open, “come hither photographer” look.

To help maximize my chances of getting snapped, I am turning up the volume on what are typically the most utilitarian and practical of items: my coat and my tote. The coat: A bright acid-green wool number from Acne. The tote: A giant black lamb’s fur bag from Gareth Pugh. Both are recent acquisitions from the year-end sales.

So there you have it. When I land, I’m heading straight to day one of the IFB Blogger’s Conference to meet Jslow. I hope to God I can get a few hours sleep on this flight and when I do, not dent my face too bad on the arm rest. Wrinkles are so last year, and the camera adds ten years anyway which I most certainly do not need.

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    1. Paula

      Aloha and thanks Christine! Spent the day at the Independent Bloggers Conference, hit two shows, as well as the new Dr. Marten’s store on Union Square! xoxo

  1. hillaryfrileck@mac.com'

    Yay Press Pass! Good luck you two on being grabbed off the street by Garance or Scott! They’d be fools if they overlooked you!

    1. Paula

      Thanks Hillary! We’re working it, tomorrow is the first official day of Fashion Week; we’ll be workin’ it. Willing those lenses to swivel our way. xoxo

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