Reporting Live…The Anchor Blazer


Murphy Brown, sporting a snappy red Anchor Blazer.

I have a dear friend, Megan. We met at Strawberry Frog in New York. She is awesome.

One day while I was there working on a project, we planned to meet up later that night after her long day at a client. When she showed up at the designated spot, she was sporting what could only be called an “Anchor Blazer.”

“Reporting Live from Madison and 33rd, Megan Klementik.” She found this mildly funny the first five times but not so much the next ninety.

The “Anchor Blazer” is an integral part of every womens’ wardrobe. It takes its cue from the anchor woman, that sharp lady we wake up with and fall asleep to, who delivers serious news in a serious fashion. And nothing says serious like the blazer. The hardest working half of the “power suit”, this over-achieving jacket has evolved over the years to become a way to dress-up jeans or dress down a man. The crisp lapels, nipped-in waist and sturdy fabrics provide structure to any wayward ensemble or meeting, anchoring outfits in ‘I mean business, do not tangle with me.”

Megan's Anchor Blazer collection: from Banana Republic, LOFT, and Boden.

Megan’s Anchor Blazer collection: from Banana Republic, LOFT, and Boden.

Megan’s Anchor Blazer was pale yellow but made a bold statement: It’s polish helped her to shine selling big ad campaigns or rubbing padded shoulders with fancy DC dignitaries at the First Ladies’ Luncheon (an annual Klementik lady event.)

When I have to up my professional game, I reach for an Anchor Blazer. Luckily they upgrade even the most humble pair of jeans into something resembling my version of a suit. Luckily, designers are having fun with this historically serious staple by using new patterns, colors, shapes and textures to kick this classic wardrobe workhorse in the ass. Try on as many styles as you can to find what works for what you want to work.

So go get down to business, and take a meeting with the Anchor Blazer. “Reporting live from Blank Stare, Blink, Paula Mangin.”

anchor blazers blankstareblink

1: Miss Selfridge striped blazer, 2: MSGM shawl-collar blazer, 3: Topshop Ponte notch-neck jacket, 4: Victoria Beckham cropped red blazer, 5: J.Crew stretch wool blazer, 6: Kenzo vintage blazer,

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