Slipping Back to Blank Stare, Blink

uggs on hardwood floorI’ve shuffled back to Blank Stare, Blink in my old Ugg slippers, just in time for New York Fashion Week.

Yes, Ugg Slippers.

My husband hates them. My clothes hate them. I hate them.

Yet I have no choice. I hope Jslow doesn’t disown me.

I’ve just slammed the door to the urbane Nob Hill life of my “youth.” I’ve happily waved buh-bye to the “bras” in backwards baseball hats high-fiving other “bras” for no apparent reason. I’ve smiling said adios to the fist-bumping Twitter transplants zipping around in pink mustachioed cars on their way to bottomless Mimosa brunches. And I’ve happily said hello to a quiet life up in the fog of Golden Gate Heights where I can finally see things clearly. I’ve jog-walked into middle-aged nirvana with open fleeced arms. And Uggs.

But why Uggs? Why now?

Two words:  Hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are beautiful. Everything looks great on them, even Bankers Boxes and faded furniture. And like most beautiful things, they attract everything: dirt, dust, debris, you name it.

They are the supermodel of the home.

And just as being anywhere near a supermodel or anyone remotely resembling a supermodel renders one about as un-super as can be, these floors have turned me into a gigantic frump over night.

This has to change.

I was used to padding around my carpeted old flat in bare feet. As much as I love shoes, I just don’t wear them in the house (ditto bras.) But bare feet on bare floors get dirty, no matter how clean the floors appear to the naked eye. Thus the Uggs.

As life continues to present challenges and “new categories of shopping” to solve problems or fill a need, I’ve been forced to study slippers, which has proven vexing at best.

I’m not sure what direction my search will take. Does hardcore hardwood require a softer slipper, like my big pink fluffy scuffs of yore, which by the way, aren’t easy to find as they’ve been relegated to eBay — and the idea of “vintage” slippers is just gross — or do I do something more refined, like the “smoking slipper?” Hardwood ladies out there, any suggestions?

And this being the start of fashion week and all, and my couch being the front row, I at least want my feet to look the part, slippers and all.

slippers blankstareblink

1. Betsey Johnson sequin scuff slippers with fur, Betsey Johnson. 2. Betsey Johnson red fur slipper slides, Betsey Johnson. 3. Luca Valentini Elizabeth Slipper, Farfetch. 4. Victoria’s Secret Cozy Fleece Slipper, Victoria’s Secret. 5. Stella McCartney Velvet Slipper, My Theresa. 6. Pink Flamingo Slipper, Happy Feet. 7. Alexander Wang slippers, Alexander Wang. 8. Pink K Women’s Mable Terry Scuff Slipper, Kmart.

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    1. Paula

      Thanks MC! I like that these are a cross between a Birkenstock and a slipper. I’ve made the mistake of mowing in my favorite Chuck Taylors, which are now permanently stained green from the grass. ;(


    Hi B
    I personally like a moccasin slipper (not high fashion i know … target) or those cute little slippers from Japantown that slide nicely on the hardwood. Looking forward to shuffling with u soon in ‘The Heights’ !

  2. Paula

    I have always like moccasins — had pink ones I wore my first day of college! The Japantown slippers are a great idea. And you can’t beat the price. xo


    I have had hardwood floors almost my entire life. My parents make people take their shoes off at the door, so you’re bare/socks (maybe *thread*bare) and there used to be a basket of hand-knit slippers from years of XMAS gifts from my Grandma. (Haven’t seen those in a while.) You also have to take your shoes off in my apartment lest the downstairs neighbors complain in this creaky old building. I have lots of gorgeous area rugs and I like to think my floors are clean enough to eat off of, so my tootsies run free:-)

  4. Paula

    I love the idea of a basket of slippers by the door! I am also liking the idea of hand knits slippers — almost like socks, comfortable and cozy. I need to have you school me on how to keep floors clean — I’ve been swiffering and vacuuming like mad, and the longer I’m here, the more I dare to go bare.


    Three words- Margiela. tabi. flats. I have hardwood floors in my apt and faced the same conundrum as you. I end up scrubbing my feet with a pumice stone every day to get the dirt that just seems embedded in the soles of my feet. So a few years ago, while at the Margiela store for something else, I ended up getting a pair of them in mirrored silver tone leather. Not only are they comfortable (like ballet slippers but so much edgier) & keep my feet clean, but the toe separation is great for my now sometimes painful bunion. (Forget about sky high heels, I can’t go higher than 3″, and then, not for too long). They look effortlessly cool and avant garde with anything you are wearing. The other night I ran over to Whole Foods to pick up a catering order, and they just elevated my t shirt & vintage levis to another level. They are a bit pricey, but if they make you feel not like a frump, that is kind of priceless. (Just so you know, they changed the cut of the vamp of the shoe a bit and it is now a bit lower cut. I personally prefer the ones that I have with the higher cut vamp- it looks a little bit more “wrong”, but the new cut is still OK.

    1. Paula

      Now that is quite the idea. But here’s the issue for me: anything between my toes is a problem (meaning even though I loathe flip flops, I can’t wear them anyway, always hurt like hell). I’ve always loved the Margiela tabis — Jslow has them; I even brought her back a pair of authentic tabi’s from Japan years ago…but just hurt. I ended up buying a pair of Woolrich moccasin boots, will post when I get them. Any other more avant-garde ideas? I also have been sliding around in an old pair of Y-3 slides that I love.

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