Soft, Luxurious, (itchy) SKIN

A lot of itching has been going on in my house. I’m itching from hives. My son from wanting to play Baseball all-the-time. My daughter, dying for the Calico Critter Supermarket. And my husband from my sweats.

I’ve always given more effort to my look outside of the house than in it, and it turns out when I get home, strip myself of my “cute clothes” and heels, I throw on my sweats, and my husband breaks out into his own kind of itching. Poor guy.

I don’t invest in two things: Loungewear or workout clothing. I’ve had the same two sets of workout clothes for the last five years even though I workout four to five times a week. And until recently, my loungewear consisted of either American Apparel men’s sweats or Juicy Couture sweatpants from, I kid you not, 1996. Totally gross. How my husband hasn’t left me yet is a miracle.

loungeIn my effort to upgrade myself and my life I asked for a “husband approved” loungewear outfit for Mother’s Day. And to my delight, I opened a box with a lovely two-piece outfit from the brand, SKIN. It’s not a new brand, but new to me and I’m already addicted. All cotton, soft, supple, luxurious feel. Interesting shapes. Simple color palette. Great for layering or lounging. Cute enough to wear out of the house. And the price point isn’t outrageous considering the quality. I can tell these pieces will last well into the years and not go out of style. Just like me, I hope. I’m so excited.

After taking a test drive in my new set, I’m itching for a few more items that aren’t itch worthy according to me or my family.

skin montage

Now if I could just get rid of my damned hives. Go to to see the entire collection and where it’s available in your part of the world.

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