The Demise Of The Dutch Oven

shreddies underpantsI’ve been told I have Dixie Riddle-Cup humor (what kind of dog has no tail? A hot dog!) and enjoy Laffy Taffy. So of course I think farts are funny. Aren’t they?

When my husband and I started dating a few years back, we actually kept a “fart chart” to keep score. The fact we both found this contest not in the least bit gross or weird truly shows we belong together in sickness and in health.

So I about died when I caught wind of the new line of “flatulence filtering” underpants from UK underwear manufacturer “Shreddies”, which feature a highly absorptive carbon cloth panel (called Zorflex) that traps and neutralizes gas before it can make its way out into the world. Apparently they don’t muffle the sound, just the smell. Thank god they left the best part alone!

Here is video footage about these bizarre briefs:

I wonder if they will take off or become the butt of jokes? Can they fit this panel into a thong for a sleeker look? And I have to wonder what happens to all of that trapped gas once these panties are have worn out?

No more farting around. Go to and find out for yourself. They retail for around $40.

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  1. Paula

    Will be very curious to see if these become “a thing.” They also have products for incontinence, so they are a serious company, although the anti-fart panties are pretty hilarious. Or HILLARious.


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