The Easter Shoe Hunt

As a young girl who still believed in the Easter Bunny, getting a brand new pair of pastel patent shoes for church and my cousin’s was the best thing ever. Mom would take me shopping for the perfect pair, and I’d count the days before I could take them out of the box and put them on my feet. That hard-sole, new shoe sound of clack-clack-clack across the kitchen floor was music to my young ears. I’d stare at them all day.

Thankfully, many Peeps and Paas-perfect shades of every style of shoe await your shopping basket right now. Hop to it. There is nothing like a new pair of pink shoes to bring out the little girl in all of us.

Happy Easter from Blank Stare, Blink.

fashion easter basket

1) Sperry Topsiders, 2) Acne Taurus Satin glitter-soled loafers, 3) Moncler ballerina flats, 4) Good Guys Aponi shoes, 5) Nicholas Kirkwood pumps, 6) Tkees Neon flip-flops, 7) Chuck Taylors in “Beach Glass”,

The ultimate Easter basket: Pink Courreges bag available at

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