This Little Piggy Went to Saks


When you move across the country and all you see on the horizon is dust, moving boxes and the uniform of jeans and a tank top—style seems far, far away from a land I’ll never return to.

I can’t remember the last time I wore lipstick, had a pedicure or cloaked my body in a pretty dress. Heels? What are those?

Now that I live in the perpetual climate of Summer, I’ve noticed a huge deficit in my wardrobe: sandals. I have the pool flip-flop (sorry Paula), but I do have a pool now, which allows at least one pair in the closet. My all-time favorite pair of Jimmy Choo Leopard lace ups are so used and abused I’ve had them reconstructed twice and may not survive another surgery (how LA is that?). Tragically, my only other sandals, a Marc Jacobs’ pair with beyond huge studs, were damaged in the move. The left shoe arrived sans stud, and yes, it’s very noticeable. They look like they’ve lost an eye.

What to buy, what to buy?ann d open lace boot

In an effort to stick with the brands that are best for me, and to buy quality over quantity, I’ve been eyeing these Ann Demeulemeester’s. I might be in LA, but I still want to hold onto my New York attitude and I think these might just fit my little piggy’s perfectly. Now maybe the pool boy will listen to me when I ask him to turn up the heat.

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    Yes! My all time favorite sandals. I have them from I think 4 summers ago. Open, but closed. Chic, but tough. And just remember- your NY attitude is inside you & you will never lose it! Good luck settling in!

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    Zan Dykes

    I love reading you blog, Paula! Up here in Oregon the “local” uniform is sweat pants, huge white tennis shoes and giant water bottles….ha Not for me tho and I was born here! My uniform is jeans, period….sometimes with a nice top, but mostly with t-shirts (usually not with logos either)…..sometimes with heels but mostly with loafers and to top it all off….a black Jones of NY jacket……. You need to come to Oregon and check it out!

    1. Paula

      Thanks Ms. Dykes! Ha, the Dykes really does have a fantastic family uniform — the Dykes rock Levi’s like no other! I also wear jeans every day — as much as I try to deviate, I just feel weird in anything but(t). Can’t wait to check out your uni — hoping to visit soon! xoxo

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