I’m the freak on the subway. No headphones, no Kindle, my head not buried in my i-phone. A luddite riding underground watching and observing life. I own technology and limp through the updates in our updated world. A half believer in the church of Apple. A freak.

I like to sit in my down-time, thoughts swimming in my head, the eye-candy of the world around me. But I feel my hand, without approval from my brain, reaching for my pocket or digging in my handbag desperately searching for its extension. I have the disease.

What’s going on behind that soft, cold glass that so desperately needs me?

It starts as innocently as wanting to know the time. The time turns to texts and emails, and onto endless safaris. Friends with distant smiles that are seen but never heard, cupcakes baked not tasted, birds that get angry.

But I just want to know the time.

Get a watch I say.


I love vintage watches in particular. They all have such great character and go beyond just telling the time. They say something about the wearer. If I could, my everyday watch would be the 1965 Rolex Rose Gold Day-Date beauty. All watches shown available on 1stdibs.com  What is your watch? Do tell us.

Vintage Watches, blankstareblink.com

1. Zenith 1950, 2. Cartier Concealed Dial Bracelet Watch 1940, 3. Bulgari and Vacheron & Constantin Serpent Watch 1960, 4. Audemars Piguet 1970, 5. Rose Gold Rolex 1965, 6. Italian, maker unknown, 1970, 7. Chanel Mademoiselle 1980, 8. Piaget Polo 1990, 9. Cartier Concealed 1940, 10. Patek Philippe Top Hat, 1949.

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  1. drdanivet@yahoo.com'

    Hi Jen;
    Still love reading your blog even though you’ve moved to the left coast. You hair looked great with the Hollywood sign in background! When are we doing an LA shopping spree????

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