Too Lazy to Layer

The other day, in between dealing with work emails and spreadsheets, I took a detour to Net-A-Porter, as it was Wednesday and they post new items every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the warped world of fashion and shopping that occupies far more of Jslow and my brains’ than should be legal, these three days are sign-posts, bright spots that dot the otherwise dull work and mom-week, something to look forward to. The best part is you never know what gems will be posted, and what new fashion treasures await.

As I do with any potential purchase, I forward the link to the coveted item to Jslow, which happens to be a Rag & Bone denim and leather jacket I think I’ll wear the shit out of. Instead, Jslow shits all over it.

Rag & Bone Leather-sleeved distressed denim jacket, Net-A-Porter.

Rag & Bone Leather-sleeved distressed denim jacket, Net-A-Porter.

Omg. Dumb. So trendy and can’t you just get a vest (buffalo exchange) and wear it over your Gareth Pugh leather?”

She was right. She usually is. That Jslow is wise. Like an owl.

I immediately slide into my 10 year-old buttery Gareth Pugh cropped leather jacket, which I purchased from Seven New York (which closed last year and breaks my heart), and layer on an old Current/Elliott jacket which I had converted to a vest via scissors last year.


Don't phone it in: Learn to layer. Current/Elliott vest + Gareth Pugh leather shrug = new jacket.

Don’t phone it in: Learn to layer. Current/Elliott vest + Gareth Pugh leather shrug = new jacket.

I just averted a bad purchase. I mean, the jacket is not bad, in fact, I still like it. I just don’t need it.

This exercise created a layering monster. Jslow attacked the jacket, so I attacked my closet, pairing different vests and scarves with different jackets and coats, amazed at what I could create with my own stuff. Next time you are tempted to buy something, try combining a few old items to create something new. No one else will have it, and you’ll save money. Best of all, you’ll spare yourself the wrath of Jslow.

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    1. Paula

      Jslow may be an owl, but you are an eagle with the eye – why yes, those are LEVI’S, a big baggy pair of men’s, my “house pants.” Channeling the Dykes is always in fashion. xoxo

    1. Paula

      Thanks Hillary! Jslow has saved me so much money it scares me. And saved me from myself, who has an un-stylish alter ego.

    1. Paula

      Thanks Shawnte! The irony is that I was in my “House pants” – a giant pair of men’s Levi’s and a beat-up T, and tossed on the vest/jacket combo to shoot but was going to crop the rest out. Didn’t realize the phone matched the yellow in the shirt….In person, I was a hot mess.


    Very inspirational, both to my wardrobe and my lifelong quest for the perfect leather jacket. Guess ill have to devote special time to hunting for it..
    Xo Jen

    Ps. Just saw your pics of your furkenstocks.. I just about died! No one can rock them like you, as much as we’d like to try. 🙂

    1. Paula

      The perfect leather jackets is so key — they always get better with age, and is the most versatile jacket/outwear there is. To me the most important factors are fit, shape (whether you want something shrunken (always looks cute), slouchy, longer, asymmetric etc. and softness of leather. And as much as color can be interesting, need to nail a black version first as it’s a classic like the white button-down and trench. I would bet you could find something great in Paris…July sales!
      LOVE the furkenstocks. Like walking on cats!

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