Chanel Makes It Safe To Shop In Your Sweats

Chanel show Instagram from Eva Chen, Editor of Lucky Magazine. @evachen212

Chanel show Instagram from Eva Chen.

We were supposed to be done with the Fashion Month posts, as most normal, busy women could care less about them anyway or better yet, don’t even know to care less because the Shows don’t register at all.

But Jslow and I are not normal. And neither was the supermarket shopping spectacle staged at Chanel.

Our blog exists to give voice to real women over 40 with real lives, not the fairy tales depicted in Vogue or romantic Lifetime Movies. And while Jslow and I love fashion with all of our hearts, we also realize that there is nothing real about runways covered in young miniscule models draped in expensive, extravagant ensembles that we can’t afford, can’t fit into, and can’t find any real life practical use for.

And so Karl staged his show in the one place we all go, the supermarket (he built his own), the most democratic of venues, where, as he put it, “If you want to look really ridiculous, you go in stilettos in a supermarket.”

His models wore sneakers and sweatpants and carried baskets woven with chains and pearls. They looked happy. They seemed comfortable.

Most women I know don’t have the time to think twice about what they wear to run errands and buy groceries. I rarely take the time to put on a bra, let alone actual pants (leggings don’t count.) We have enough to worry about. Getting dressed up to LIVE shouldn’t be one of them.

So the next time you find yourself at Safeway in your flip flops and fleece, remember that you have never been more fashion forward than you are right now.



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